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B. Morrison
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Innocent: Confessions of a Welfare Mother, by B. Morrison

“I am grateful to you for sharing your personal story and demonstrating the positive impact that social assistance programs make upon families, communities, and our country. Yours is a vital story to tell.”
—Hillary Rodham Clinton

“(This) book is a wonderful and moving testimony to the strength and power of women as individuals and as sisters, to change themselves and their worlds.”
—Marita Golden, author of After, Migrations of the Heart: An Autobiography, and Saving Our Sons: Raising Black Children in a Turbulent World.

“Barbara Morrison writes with insight and compassion about her plummet into poverty and her climb back up. The memoir is a story for now.”
—Carol Brennan, author of Headhunt, In the Dark, and Full Commission.

“Ms. Morrison eloquently refutes the notion that there is a ‘typical’ welfare recipient. With compassion and moxie, she pulls back the curtain and shows us a more complex picture.”
—Mark Vidor, Assistant Director for Family Services, Department of Human
Resources, Baltimore County Department of Social Services

Winner IPPY Bronze Medal for Regional Memoir/Autobiography
Finalist ForeWord Review’s Book of the Year for Memoir/Autobiography
Finalist USA Best Book Award for Memoir/Autobiography
Honorable Mention New England Book Festival for Memoir/Autobiography

ISBN: 978-1934074657

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In this new collection of poems, Morrison explores the influence of place: where you live, where you grew up, where you travel, where you go in dreams. She seeks out the haunted places of her youth, piecing together memories, as she looks for a way forward through the maze of the present. Echoes of the past find new meaning as Morrison explores the meaning of home.

“Barbara Morrison’s poems take readers to new, yet somehow familiar, places.”
—Gregg Wilhelm, Executive Director of the CityLit Project

“From its opening poem, Morrison’s new collection reaches deep into hidden places that both nourish and frighten us.”
—Laura Shovan, author of Mountain, Log, Salt and Stone

“Barbara Morrison does what we all wish to do: say it clearly and make it beautiful—all the old wounds that psychiatry leaves ragged and unfinished, poetry mends clean and whole. That’s the most precious gift and that’s the strength of Morrison’s writing.”
—Grace Cavalieri, award-winning author of 16 poetry books and chapbooks and radio host of “The Poet and the Poem” from the Library of Congress.

ISBN: 978-0-9789253-2-1

To order, send $13.00 U.S. ($14 Canada) + $2.00 shipping and handling (add $1.00 for shipping to Canada) to:

Cottey House Press
PO Box 16381
Baltimore, MD 21210

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Here at Least


I stand on a bridge
half a century old
balance carefully on the rail
spread my arms and
lean into the fall.

This collection of poems from B. Morrison reveals her journey of transformation. Standing on the threshold of a new life, she examines the past and the world around her for signs in her quest to recreate herself. Calling herself a pilgrim, a pilot and an explorer, she lays aside all that is no longer of use and moves forward into the unknown.

ISBN: 978-0-978925-3-07

To order, send $13.00 U.S. ($14 Canada) + $2.00 shipping and handling (add $1.00 for shipping to Canada) to:

Cottey House Press
PO Box 16381
Baltimore, MD 21210

Also available from:
Itasca Books
Barnes & Noble

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