Playlist 2011

Songs are stories, too, even when there are no words. Thanks to my friends for all the great music and for all the sweet dances.

The Jolly Tinker, Jeff Warner
Mandalay, Jeff Warner
The Bonny Bay Of Biscay-O, Jeff Warner
Across The Blue Mountains, Suzannah & Georgia Rose
Hallowell, Suzannah & Georgia Rose
Travelers Prayer, Suzannah & Georgia Rose
Narrow Space, Suzannah Park & Nathan Morrison
Darlin' Corey, Suzannah Park & Nathan Morrison
Amelia , Suzannah Park & Nathan Morrison
Man Of Constant Sorrow, Suzannah Park & Nathan Morrison
Three Pieces By O'Carolan: The Lamentation of Owen Roe O'Neill / Lord Inchiquin / Mrs. Power, John Renbourn
4×32 Strathspeys – Young Ivercauld's / Appin House / Gordon Castle / Bonnie Beatons, Waverley Station
Arran Boat/Paddy Fahey's/Devlin's/Bagdad Bully, Alexander Mitchell
Monongahela Sal, The NewLanders
Hard Times, The NewLanders
Run, Johnny Run, The NewLanders
There'll Be Some Changes Made, House Top
Do I Worry, House Top
What'll I Do, House Top
Over the Rainbow, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
True Life Near , Craig Taborn
Diamond Turning Dream, Craig Taborn
Neverland, Craig Taborn
Spirit Hard Knock, Craig Taborn
Forgetful, Craig Taborn
Bird on a Wire , Jennifer Warnes
Total Eclipse of the Heart, Bonnie Tyler
Rocky Beaches, Ken Kolodner, Brad Kolodner
Snow Drop, Ken Kolodner, Brad Kolodner
Bethany Beach, Ken Kolodner, Brad Kolodner
Needle Case, Ken Kolodner, Brad Kolodner
Southern Cross, Ken Kolodner, Brad Kolodner
The Cordwainer's March/Mick Walsh's/Road To Banff, Ken Kolodner & Elke Baker
Purple Lillies, Ken Kolodner & Elke Baker
Booth Shot Lincoln/Moneymusk, Ken Kolodner & Elke Baker
Shebeg An Sheemor, Happy Traum
Delia's Gone, Happy Traum
White Oak Mountain / Kitchen Girl, Sally Rogers
Planxty Fanny Power, Sally Rogers

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