Playlist 2019


Songs are stories too. And sometimes poetry. And often a comfort to me. This year some on my list are favorites of the little one who spends days with me. Many thanks to my friends for their music.

Over The Rainbow, Eva Cassidy
Over the Rainbow, Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
Come Away With Me, Norah Jones
Nightingale, Norah Jones
Northern Sky, Nick Drake
Spry Street Hotel. Owen Morrison
Stonegate Waltz, Owen Morrison
Lonely Time of Year, Arielle Silver
The Handloom Weaver’s Lament, Arrowsmith:Robb Trio
The Mermaid And The Swallow, Arrowsmith:Robb Trio
The Trees They Do Grow High, Arrowsmith:Robb Trio
Snowmelt, Owen Morrison
Over The Hill And Over The Dale, John Roberts & Tony Barrand
The Holly And The Ivy, Nowell Sing We Clear
The Wren (The King), Nowell Sing We Clear


2 thoughts on “Playlist 2019

  1. Nichael Cramer says:

    Great list.

    Speaking of Nowell Sing We Clear, did you go to their reunion/book-release show on the 16th? (Or their collective book-signing event at Everyone’s Books?)

    We had been looking forward to the concert ever since I ran into Fred Breunig at the library a couple months back and he told me about the concert. But when we went to try to get tickets a week or so before the concert they had already completely sold out.


    Anyway, hoping all is well. Stay warm. And thanks for the wonderful year’s worth of reviews and columns.


    • barbara says:

      Yes, I went to both. I was surprised at how few people turned up at the bookstore, but the Latchis was jammed. The concert, well, I’ve beengoing to their concerts forever; sad to realise this was probably the last of the last.

      Thanks for reading. Hope to see more of you, not sure how but maybe.

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